When configuring additional object lists to be included the Axsy Mobile App's main menu, it is possible to enable a Map View where the records for that object - standard or custom - can be plotted on a map if the records have valid Locations associated with them. Additionally, the user's current geo-location will be plotted on the Map View as well so they can see where they are in relation to the plotted records.

Figure 1 - Map View showing the location of Account records along with the user's current geo-location

Associating a Location to an Object

For an object's records to be able to be plotted on a map in the Axsy Mobile App, the object must have a relationship to a Location record. This can either be a direct lookup field on the object to a Location record, or it can be via multiple relationships, up to a depth of 3. 

IMPORTANT: The longitude and latitude values for the standard Location field - which is of type "geolocation" - of the Location object are what are used to plot the associated record. The Visitor Address field is not used.

Enabling the Map View with the Config Tool

Enabling the Map View is done via the Axsy Config Tool. When adding an additional object list, the following two configuration values must be set:

  • Show Map - This must be checked.
  • Relationship to Location - Describes the relationship of the object to a Location record. Uses dot notation and the API names for the fields - standard or custom - with support for a maximum depth of 3.

In the example screenshot below, the Account object has Map View enabled via the custom field of the Account object with API name Location__c and corresponding relationship name Location__r

Figure 2 - Enabling the Map View for an additional object list via the Axsy Config Tool