When a Flexible Sync configuration is published, the results of what a user sees when they log into the Axsy Mobile for Salesforce app is an intersection of the Objects included in the Flexible Sync Object Tree config, the user's Object-level permissions on Salesforce, and the user's Record-level permissions on Salesforce. 

  • Please this article for more information on how to configure the Object Tree within Flexible Sync's config UI: Configuring Flexible Sync
  • Please see this Salesforce Page for more information on configuring Salesforce's security permissions: Control Who Sees What

Configuring the Flex Sync Object Tree

The Salesforce Administrator who configures Flexible Sync on the Axsy Mobile Web App on Salesforce will only be able to view Objects in the Object Tree that they as an individual user have access to, based on their Salesforce access permissions. 

Logging into the Mobile App

When users log in to the app, the app uses the Flex Sync config to sync objects and records to the app. However, if the user logging in has restricted or no permissions for a particular object or records, that object/records will not sync to the app for that user. This means that the Flex Sync Config's scope of objects is the maximum amount of data that can be synced to the app, and any restrictions based on the user's Salesforce permission assignments will be enforced on an individual user basis.