The Axsy Mobile for Salesforce app allows users to receive updated data from Salesforce when an internet/data connection is available with Delta Sync. This can be achieved manually and via scheduled syncs. In both cases, the app will only retrieve data where changes have been detected since the previous sync (or since the data was initially synced at login). In this way, syncing time is significantly reduced to only target relevant information. Once the updates from Salesforce have been synced to the Axsy Mobile App, they are then available for offline use.

The scope of data that Delta Sync uses to scan for changes is determined by the sync scope this is configured via Flex Sync. 

Log in to the Axsy Mobile for Salesforce App

When you first log in, the app will conduct its first Automatic Sync. Please see this article for more information on the initial sync: Initial Sync (Priming) after Log In

Navigate to the Sync Now Button

1. Navigate to the main menu and select the Sync Now button at the bottom of the screen.

2. Select Sync Now to trigger a manual, or, User-triggered sync. Once completed, a message displaying when the next scheduled sync is due is available for reference. 

During a sync, the app uploads the changes the user has already made on the app, before downloading changes that have been made on the Salesforce Platform to the app. This means the user is viewing an up-to-date UI with their progress applied.

Pending Changes

The Pending Changes tab holds a list of all the changes made to the app whilst offline which are pending for upload. Once a data connection is made available, the changes will be synced to Salesforce automatically without the need for a manual sync.


The Schedule tab displays the time intervals between scheduled syncs that have been configured for specific Objects within the syncing scope. For more information on how you can customise syncing scope, please see this article: Configuring Flexible Sync


The History tab displays a list of sync events that have been made during the user's session. The user is able to view both manual and automatic sync events with their times and record information, along with changes that have been updated to Salesforce while the user is online.

Tap a Scheduled, User-triggered or Automatic sync to see what data has been retrieved from Salesforce in the Axsy app.