What is Flexible Sync?

Flexible Sync is an Axsy solution that provides complete control over what data – and how much data – is synced to the Axsy Mobile for Salesforce app for offline use. With Flex Sync, you can define the appropriate sync strategy for each particular use case by Org, Profile or Salesforce User.

Here's a list of the various things Flex Sync allows you to do:

  • Easily define, through configuration, the scope of what is primed by the Axsy Mobile App at initial login. You can define what Objects to sync, filters that control which records for a given Object are synced, and how much data and metadata (e.g. Related records, Chatter Feed, Quick Actions, etc.) are synced for each record.
  • Distinguish between data that changes frequently and data that updates less often by having different polling intervals for different Objects. For example, the Axsy app can be configured to check for Event updates every 30 minutes while Account updates may only need be checked once-a-day.
  • Optimize the amount of data synced during subsequent polls and refreshes after the initial login sync through Delta Sync, which limits the data that is synced to only those records that have been updated since the last sync.
  • Provide on-demand sync: Users have the control to fetch updates from the Salesforce Platform whenever they want, but can also receive automatic updates via polling with no user intervention needed. For changes initiated by the user, updates from the mobile app are synced in real-time to the Salesforce Platform. When offline, updates are queued and then automatically synced when connectivity resumes with no user intervention needed.
  • Safeguard your data with synced data stored in the secure database of the Axsy app. Synced data persists across app launches and re-launches, and is removed on User logout.
  • Leverage Salesforce's sharing and visibility rules, as Salesforce is always the system-of-record.

How to Configure and Use Flexible Sync

In order to use Flexible Sync, an administrator should configure the settings on the Salesforce Platform that will subsequently be picked up when logging in to the Axsy Mobile for Salesforce App. 

  1. Please see this article for more information on how to configure Flexible Sync settings: Configuring Flexible Sync
  2. Please see this article for more information on how Delta Sync manages and updates this information for offline use within the Axsy Mobile for Salesforce App: Refreshing data using the Sync Now Button
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